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Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw Soldiering With Dignity Pdf

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Manekshaw rose to be the 8th COAS of the Indian Army in 1969,[13] and under his command Indian forces conducted successful campaigns against Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 that led to the Liberation of Bangladesh in December 1971.The war lasted for 12 days from 3 December to 16 December, one among the Shortest wars of the History. On 16 December 1971, Lt. Gen A. A. K. Niazi of the Pakistan Army signed the Instrument of Surrender at Dhaka in the presence of Lt. Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora, Lt. Gen. J. F. R. Jacob and other Senior Officers of the Indian Army. More than 93000 Pakistani Soldiers surrendered to the Indian Army, which was recorded as one among the largest surrender in the History. The decisive results achieved by the Indian Army during this war, under the able military leadership of Manekshaw, gave the nation a new sense of confidence,[14] and in recognition of his services, in January 1973 the President of India conferred the rank of field marshal on him.[1] He was also awarded the Padma Vibhushan and the Padma Bhushan, the second and third highest Indian civilian awards respectively, for his services to the Indian nation.[11][15]

He led the Indian forces in Kashmir during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947. He was a member of the Army Sub Committee of the Forces Reconstitution Committee, which divided the British Indian Army into the Indian and Pakistani Armies after the Partition of India in 1947.[23] After his retirement from the Indian Army in 1953, he served as the high commissioner to Australia and New Zealand until 1956.[24][25] As a token of gratitude for the exemplary service rendered by him to the nation, the Government of India conferred the rank of field marshal on Cariappa in his 87th year, on 14 January 1986.[5][4]

The British Trained officers who later rose to become fieldmarshals , generalslike Carriapa , Himmatsinghji,SAM Bhadur and dartmourth trained admirals LIikeRonny Pierra Marshal of the airArjan singh were the jewels in the crown of the Indian army navy and airforce . If the poorly paid , poorly equipped forces performed well in 65 and gave india a resounding victory in 71 it was because of their leadership and many unsung heroes . Who can forget the battle of Rezang la in 1962 when the brigade under the brig RAINA AWORLD WAR -2 expierenced vetran gave a bloody noze to the chinese with so many chinese casulties and the IndianS led by maj Shaitan singh faught to the last man and to the last bullet all falling near the posts without abandoning or withdrawal . TIMES HAVE CHANGED . WE NOW HAVE CHIEFS STEALING HOUSES IN ADARSH SCAM MEANT FOR WIDOWS , RATION WALLAS , MEDICINES WALLAS , RENT SEEKERS , ARMS MERCHANTS , DALALS and commission agents ready to sacrifice the service interests for petty joint secretary level ambassoderships and governerships .THE INSTITUTIONS OF NDA , IMA NAVAL OR AIRFORCE ACADEMIES SIMPLY DO NOT MAKE THEM ANY MORE LIKE THEM . TIMES HAVE CHANGED . THE AURA , PRIDE AND HIGHER VALUES OF LEADERSHIP HAVE ALL FALLEN TO THE WAYSIDE, CRASS COMERCIALISM AND PERSONNEL GREED 1e1e36bf2d


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