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Fly Away Home 1996 Bluray 1080p Dts X264 Chd !LINK!


But the best moment in the film is one that rarely happens to me: enjoying a good piece of junk food. Here, Chase strikes the perfect in-between compromise. With some trepidation, we eat chips topped with salsa, yes - but dulce de leche ice cream on a Cinco de Mayo weekend in NYC. After the food kicks in, Chase is hooked. The low-pitched roar of the bike bolsters our experience, and the scene has so much to recommend it, the audience wants an encore. Adolescent boy having an epiphany about his relationship to others; it does wonders for your self-image. The climactic scene of Not Fade Away is a terrific companion piece, proof that these movies don't have to be the perfect slice of pie all the time in order to be the perfect cake. The Bouncing Souls may hail him as the 'God' of American punk, but we prefer to remember him as a friend.

a truly classic animated film that never seems dated, hayao miyazaki's 'spirited away' shines brighter than ever thanks to a quality blu-ray release. it has a wealth of bonus materials, including a great 1080p hd transfer, reference quality japanese and english audio, and a few cool extras.

it is not clear how all of this will affect consumers and we will have to see what happens over the next few years. this can be bad for traditional media companies like us, but it can also be good for us. we can stay focused on the quality of our content and remain unbiased. however, we are a business and we must continue to be aware of the environment around us. there is more to life than home entertainment. yet, it is not all bad news for us. warner archive made a high quality dvd/blu release of 'spirited away' last year and that was awesome. if they can offer something similar to their upcoming releases, then the transition to digital is going to be smooth. we can all rest easy and continue to share our love for film like we always have. however, it is also important to know that we must live in a society and we are dependent on each other. this is not just a movie studio issue. this is a reflection of what we are doing as a culture. if we become comfortable enough to start throwing away the things we cherish, then we are throwing away our future. 3d9ccd7d82


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