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Download Victoria Hdd Utility 4.3 Full

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Download Victoria Hdd Utility 4.3 Full

Victoria for Windows English Help (Google Translated) Page 1 of 1 [ 4 posts ] Print viewPrevious topic Next topic AuthorMessagebrahman Post subject: Victoria for Windows English Help (Google Translated)Posted: July 25th, 2009, 13:57 Joined: December 24th, 2006, 16:57Posts: 8Hi,here is the Victoria for Windows English help file translated by Google.Hope this will help some people, who try to use this excellent program and do not speak Russian.Regards,BrahmanVictoriauniversal program for testing the storage of informationContents:Key featuresSystem requirementsSetting up the programMenu "Setup"TimersHow to repair HDD Key features When working through the ports:* Reading Passport drive and display the full technical information on storage;* Definition set in ATA / SATA controller (including additional);* Office of acoustic noise;* View S.M.A.R.T. parameters of drive, quick assessment of his condition on pseudographic scales and register status. Includes viewing of hidden attributes drives IBM / HITACHI;* Running the built-in HDD SMART-control tests and their passing;* Using Host Protected Area: a change and restore the physical volume of the disc;* 12 test mode of verification, reading and writing, with the calculation and display of addresses of defective blocks;* charting surface;* detector: an analysis of the state of the surface by 4 all kinds of tests, with the calculation and mapping of unstable sites, indicating the exact address of each volatile auto sector, and placed them in a text file;* measurement speed shaft HDD, including the new drive without a field INDEX;* hidden defects surface method redirection of sectors from the reserve (remap) for any of the 8 tests;* Measuring performance hard drive (benchmarks functions):* Measuring the speed of the linear, nonlinear and random reading from the HDD;* Measuring the speed of HDD head positioning time and access to the sector;* Measuring the speed of reading graphic methods;* Exploring the sectors with the opportunity to edit;* Disk Cleanup (or part thereof) of information - "low-level format";* Manage security options: setting up a password on the HDD, remove a password, the rapid blurring of the information without the possibility of its restoration, etc.* Ability to stop and start the spindle motor HDD;* Test head positioning HDD (the same way as it does in the operating system intensive work), to determine the reliability and heat resistant disk PCs;* View information about logical partitions HDD showing the boundaries of the partitions (without a HDD in the BIOS);* Display mode HDD, the contents of registers, and visualization of error codes for the indicator lamp; Differences in the API: + able to test drive the existence of "glitches" and distortion of information to the reception and transmission - option DDD; Disabled + work with passwords; + Disabled with Host Protected Area; Off + show registers; System Requirements: - CPU not less than the Intel Pentium III. Recommended P4 2 GHz. - Operating system Windows 2000/XP (Under 9 program works only through the ports, with markedly worse); - RAM 64Mb or higher; - Video card SVGA (graphic mode is not lower than 800x600. Recommended by 10280 * 1024); - Keyboard and mouse; - Desirable access to the Internet, and not pokalechenny different "tvikami" IE; - It is desirable to have a good power supply and good cooling test HDD; Setting up the program menu "Setup" ATA protocol settings: Internet Protocol ATA. Used only in PIO. BUSY Timeout - Adjust the time (in ms) during which the program will wait for a response after submitting HDD command. Ready Timeout - Adjust the time (in ms) during which the program will be ready HDD before serving team. DREQ Timeout - Adjust the time (in ms) during which the program will be expected to give preparedness HDD / take the data block after Team sharing of data (read or write). ATA Timer - the choice of the type of timer, which will be used to measure these time intervals. Details of the timer, see the "timers". Common presets, passport options: main preset option Passport HDD. Only non-destructive functions - only non-destructive functions. Turn off those features that make recording on the tested HDD, to protect it from erasing the information on it. Get passport on PCI double click - to obtain a passport by double-clicking on the field of PCI-scan. Made at the request of lazy. Allows you to avoid clicking on obtaining a passport HDD. Instead, it is enough to click on the selected line PCI-controller. Only for the PIO. Don't remember Primary chan. - not to remember the primary channel controller, the motherboard in your program. Allows you to avoid the erroneous choice of the primary channel (which usually hangs the system HDD), and thereby reduces the risk of accidental work with the system hard drive through the ports. It works only in PIO. For those whose primary channel is free - you can disable the option. Disable color into passport - disable color passport HDD. For aesthetes who, for whatever reason, do not like the colors Passport HDD. Only SCSI passport command - only the SCSI-command to obtain a passport. Applies only to the API. The point is that some PCI-controllers (in particular, Silicon Image 3112) have a bug. They both channels are displayed on the HDD with the same passport (though actually they are different). In fact, SCSI emulation mode that bug does not occur. Option makes sense to include only if there were any problems, because SCSI pass for normal (non-SCSI drives) - incomplete. Works only in the API. Don't get drive type - not to request the type of disc in obtaining a passport. Only for the API. When installing the Jackdaws program asks for the so-called "geometric parameters" and the disc type (CD / Flash / FDD). Instead, these parameters are calculated analytically. Allows you to avoid the hang of some controllers (which is rare, and mostly for FireWire devices). Show logical drives - show the logical drives in the list of API-devices. If a jackdaw, apart from the physical drives will appear logical (in the form of letters, except for HDD). Sometimes you need to. Ignore FDD - do not show floppy in the list of API-devices. Drives very slowly, and in determining the start to make noise, which is not always desirable. Installed daw exclude recourse to them. 'I am speak Russian' - allows the display of Russian communications interface, which sometimes occur. Basically they are comic character. Classic group style - toggles rounded rectangular frame on. Grid lines enabled - to display the supporting grid in a smart and scan. Logs dir: - the name of the directory where the program will add the files of passports and other information drawn from the reservoirs. Log settings: Log logging events. During the program, all user actions, messages, errors, etc. can be automatically written to a text file. In this section you can specify a file name, enable / disable the magazine, as well as its clean. Seek & Surface scan options: option of testing the surface and positioning test. Swap navigation Up / Dn keys - the order of buttons jumps while testing the surface. Auto repeat jump keys - include autorepeat jumps in the retention of these buttons. Next in the box, you can set the repeat interval, in milliseconds. Enable breaking internal loops - Enable interrupt the cycles of domestic programs. Very useful for testing the defective drives that can hang their reaction to block the program for the key. If a jackdaw - Operational Program responds to the key "Break ALL". However, the internal interrupt cycles also fetches and ATA-protocol, which is not always useful. Refresh LBA after passport - If a passport is always re-play the first and the last LBA of the input field scan and seek'a. Previous figures in these fields are erased. If daw removed - the program will do so only when a new HDD, will automatically (which is a brand algorithm greatly facilitates the life of the user). Do not shoot her. Reseting between LoopScan - When you make a loop to scan HDD soft reset before each new cycle. We need to prevent the influence of the disk cache with a small step cycles. We recommend that you always keep included - will be less problems. It works only in PIO. Don't blink border of pause key - turn off the blinking frame around the button "pause" to scan the surface. Timings depending on HDD - intellectual timing adjustment program for testing the surface. This timing depends on the mode UDMA, volume models and much more. The work becomes more flat map "squares" for testing. We recommend that you include. Ajusting RDTSC before tests - each time when you run tests to check the clock frequency of the processor, and re-adjust timer. We recommend that you include on the laptops. The option is meaningless when the timer RDTSC. Long-read actions count - only for the professional version. Specifies how many sectors to read "a long reading of" in "Restore". Timers set : settings type timers in the program. Designed to eliminate possible problems and to achieve a stable behavior of the program on different hardware and operating systems. Click on the "Setup" there are 3 switch, related to the timer. Let us consider in detail each of them. "Common RTC" This is a general timer, referring to the scan surface, seek'u, and etc., mainly in the API. RDTSC - is the CPU cycles counter. Starting with the Pentium I, all processors support team, an outstanding number of cycles, since its incorporation. This allows you to use it for precise measurement of time intervals. But unfortunately, on some systems with multicore processors, this method may not work properly. This will manifest itself in the form of phantom hangs, stops issuing incorrect results, etc. "glitches". If these phenomena occur, the program allows you to use an alternative timer - GTC (short for Get Tick Count), which is one of the components of the operating system Windows. This timer is less accurate than the RDTSC, but its capabilities in most cases sufficient for proper testing of HDD. If the "Victoria" is used for multi-computer, you should check both the timer, and if there are no glitches - select RDTSC. At the single-mode systems RDTSC preferable. "Scan: PIO only" This timer measures the interval only in test mode (Scan, Seek) through the port. In the API it is on that is not affected. Unlike the previous example, the essence of this switch in the other. In addition to the standard RDTSC / GTC, here you can select an alternative - MMTimer (short for "Multimedia Timer"). It has a reduced load on the processor desktop computer, and allows us not to expend resources during testing HDD. For comparison, in the RDTSC / GTC load on the single system can reach 99%, and in MMTimer - just 10-30% (if the card turned off - a 0-4%!). We recommend you always use MMTimer, if possible. Problems may be only in certain versions of Windows 9. Note: The switch "Common RTC" has the privilege of the self-timer mode RDTSC / GTC in the "Scan: PIO only". "ATA Timer" This timer is used in the implementation of ATA-protocol only when working through the ports. It measures the basic intervals expectations HDD (DRQ, BUSY). Drug use RDTSC the same as in the first example - severe bugs on multiprocessor systems. In this case, you should use the GTC If no bugs, the RDTSC preferable. You can try to use the combined solutions. For example "Common RTC" in the GTC, and the "ATA Timer" in the RDTSC (that allows you to find a compromise between speed and stability). And vice versa - is meaningless.Top brahman Post subject: Re: Victoria for Windows English Help (Google Translated)Posted: July 25th, 2009, 13:59 Joined: December 24th, 2006, 16:57Posts: 8And here is the Changelog in the same manner:4.46 from 12 Aug., 2008 - The button of obtaining a passport is divided into two separate (normal and Extended a passport). For your convenience, and there are screws that crash of extra commands. - The HPA added checkbox determines whether the call Advanced passport after changing HPA. - Fixed a heap of bugs in the passport. In particular, do not reset some variables. Added definition modes Single Word DMA and Multi Word DMA. - Fixed bug in which the program attempted to autocratically climb to screw in the absence of support LBA (which, she tried to climb in sector number -1). - Made auto-install Jackdaws "48 bit", if the amount above 128 GB HDD. - Fixed bug. If you have a jackdaw "Only non destr func" and start seek'a, the ban on record was shot after stopping seek'a. - Fixed bug. Have not yet received a passport through the ports - the slider AAM can was moving. This resulted in an error Interface after the Change, if the screw was not connected. Prohibited items AAM to obtain a passport. - Added check of the buffer and the interface HDD in the passport. - Added stipulated the number of processors, is given in the log at startup. - Fixed small bug in the ATA. When DRQ raised earlier program issued "Waiting of readiness ..." and nothing happened. Now the phrase is given on unwillingness of the device. - Added indicator LEDs, read / write to disk. - Width Khint increased to 400 points. - The new SMART-attributes 184.187, relating to the defects identified purple. - Expand the field End LBA in the partition table that it was placed on the screw 1Tb; - When setting the cursor to the line of dialogue - from rip out the number, and copied to the clipboard, right-click. - Select the port during the test is now blocked. - Automatically check box Sound, if you start the program after an hour night. At 7 am he was again restored if prior to that was. - If you do not find ini file on startup, the log is given a warning Resetting the settings to default. - Changed the algorithm initialization and verification of readiness of the screw. If the screw in the DRQ before receiving a passport - the program advises to press reset. If stot jackdaw reset +, a reset is sent automatically each time you obtain a passport. - During the scan is checked and another flag WRFT. Together with the DRSC, DRDY This check determines diskonnekt device. 4.44 - Removed yet another bug with флешками. - Team E2 (sleep) is replaced by E0. 4.43 - Integer Overflow removed when connecting fleshek, giving incorrect size. 4.42 - Added support for unofficial payments PC3000 UDMA: fixed detector alt-port on the board, added to work with the second channel test power adapter; - Fixed bug: scan reading and writing through the ports - stayed at the processors with variable clock frequency; - For multi-core computer added a new type of timer - GTC (Setup). It eliminates the problem of spontaneous stoppage of the process and inappropriate behavior of the counters. However, it is less clear; - The help function has a detailed description of timers. 4.41 - Slightly increased the list of manufacturers of controllers; - Percentage of implementation is now displayed on the Task Manager button; - Added definition of the frequency of CPU each time again when you run any test (daw Always ajusting RDTSC ...). This was made possible accurate work program on computers with a variable clock rate; - Disposed of flickering graphics at the time of scan to run off the card (manifested in the weak CPU); - Fixed bug, which does not appear SMART ATA hard drive in the SCSI-passport; - The passport is inserted definition NCQ, PEC, generation SATA; - Added-dependent SMART disk drives for IBM / HITACHI; - Added support for super-SMART for IBM / HITACHI ( "factory" attributes); - Fixed bug, which is not shown the status of security erase Version 4.3; - Added display of the limit of temperatures that have ever experienced a screw. (For those of screws, which are supported); - Added automatic switching to the Standard tab in the selection of API; - When switching to the API panel with "lights" register now disappears for unnecessary. Also, no form of display registers; - An indicator of the showing activity of the objectives of the program; - Made auto-withdrawal from the recording after the erasure; - If you're copying to clipboard tables SMART - added the name of the disc, and SN; - Added a serial number and version firmvari through the API, for the USB / SCSI devices; - Made extinguishing bulbs with screw in diskonnekte PIO; - Removed bug. Scan after reset timed to go forward and not waiting for preparedness HDD; - Removed bug. Do not close the handler when viewing table through API; - Removed bug. When you open the disc with a defect in the HEX editor, in the box LAV debris falls; - Made the preservation MBR (sector 0) disk when you view the partition table. At each firefighter ... - In the API now can neither see the partition table, nor to change its until not obtain a passport. This is done to avoid situations such as "changed the fact that I do not know"; - Slightly improved jumping to scan, in the PIO; 4.4 - intermediate version with support for Remote HDD - HDD work with remote via the Internet using PIO. Distributed only in a closed group. 4.3 - a significant reworking and complexity of the whole complex, which freeware-version again "beta". Interface: ----------- - Enter a few elements of protection from negligence, namely: * Automatic correction of wrongly imposed limits of the range of LBA; * Warning when trying to erase the system disk in the API; * Warning before erasing the disk, if the hard drive has been replaced; * When switching PIO-API recording automatically switch reset; * The port number and type of channel tested HDD launched atop bookmarks in the upper right corner; - Working with logical drives through the API has become easier. The list is displayed followed by physical tab 'Standard'. The option adjustable, in particular, can be turned off with disks (under the 'Setup'); - Now copy-paste work in the fields of writing LBA seek. There are buttons reset values LBA; - In Seek added to counter the number of positioning; - From the graphics removed manually switch factor, instead it is introduced automatic scaling depending on the speed of testing storage (2 to 980 Mb / s, which theoretically allows you to test as high-speed RAID arrays, and diskettes); - Disposed of flickering graphics at the expense of double-buffering; - When EraseBlock logs recorded in a range of sectors erased block; - Added ability to copy to the clipboard, not only the entire passport, but also his own line; - The panel STANDARD, SMART, TESTS added splitter (separating) to change the size of the windows as smoothly and at maximum size double click; - Added the ability to copy to the clipboard of the sections; - A bit better view logs by reducing the field time, the latter row is now highlighted in blue; - The SMART added showing the temperature in Fahrenheit; - The SMART scale "health" HDD changes color depending on the value; - The color scheme of the interface is determined by settings in Windows, and not has a fixed color as before; - Added icons, icons in the menu; - For the aesthetes added ability to switch rounded framework for classical direct (setup); - Added the function keys F1 (Help), F2 (passport), F3 (reset HDD mode PIO), F4 (start / stop scan the surface), F5 (start / stop positioning test), F9 (a SMART); Error correction, improvements: ------------------------------- - Fixed the "ideological error, the remainder of the DOS version. It was that "the last LBA" screw was equal to the number (actually - 1 less, because the sector numbering starts with 0), and all tests have ignored this non-existent address, the same could not enter the same values boundaries; - To lift the ban on entering the same values at the beginning and end LBA - Eliminated output abroad Start LBA in the reverse scan; - Fixed problem with unclosed handler disk mode scan through the API; - The program is adapted to an error in the microcode HDD Seagate U5, as a result of that these memories return incorrect CHS parameters; - Fixed bug, which when you switch the method of processing defects during the scan surface is not adjusted timeout (although visually it unchanged); - For storage of small volumes of the size shown in kilobytes (API); - Fixed a bug that leads to an incorrect number in LBA HPA window with a passport on a disc that has the number of LBA far (> 1000 times) less than the real; - The speed of erasing mode API slightly increased (5-10%); - Slightly reduced the load on the CPU when drawing maps; - Fix "brake" when scrolling the map, when the scan is stopped; - Fixed bug with wrong line conversion "x G" (where X - number) when writing instead of LBA; - Fixed bug with wrong display of flags SATA/LBA48 Virtual and USB drives; - Fixed a result that did not choose a folder with logs when you open the file, the passport and SMART; - Fixed minor error in the synchronization switches; - Fixed bug, which is sent to reset the screw through the ports in the "Quick Navigation" at the time of scan through the API; - Fixed minor bugs and a pile in some places, optimized code; Adding new features: ------------------------------- - Made possible to verify the reliability of recorded data in the API, It was the name of Data Distortion Detect (distortion control data, abbreviated DDD or 3D). It works as follows: if record set checkbox "DDD Enable", in a special unit will be recorded control code, which then checks the reading. When discrepancies least one bit will be given an error "data distortion!"; - Added the ability to renumber all sectors, with removal through the API. Also in each sector adds date and time of erasing; - Added a number memorized in the device API INI-file; - Display Room LBA when pointing the cursor to scan the card now works and in reverse; - If you tested the drive is a removable device, it is that its low speed and timing are set higher than for HDD; - When you right-click on the map scan now poyavlyaetya menu, proposed to appoint the selected boundary block range scanning; - The scan through the API added recognition errors UNCR, IDNF, ABRT, Write protected (special to Flash), AMNF (floppy disk) and a few others; - Enter control readiness HDD before adjusting AAM, thereby obviating vain expectation, and the associated "zalipaniya" slider AAM; - Added the ability to feed an audio signal after the Security Erase; - Added an attempt to stop the shaft HDD, CD SCSI command through the API. Now should work for SCSI and SATA drives via ext. controllers; - API Verify in the scan and is now Seek'e SCSI command Verify, thus it is now possible to test the USB / FireWire drives on nominal speed, without limitation, the interface; - Added forced to switch to the SCSI command, obtain a passport due to glitches drivers SiI3112 SATA controller in the processing of ATA-commands; - Changed the logic for determining the amount of drives through the API. Now first tries to get the LBA size SCSI command if you do not work -- checked the disk geometry of other teams, and to calculate the size of CHS. * CHS option you can disable daw "Don't get drive type", because I do not liked her work in the 'Apple' FireWire HDD Box; - Added summary in the form of an external HTML, due to F1. You can replenish its own; - Added disk viewer / editor, the panel is given to the Advanced normal form. - Added one more item on the menu, scan the surface of the end. It disables the ATX computer with the correct completion of Windows; - Industries with remape now marked recurring signature "REMAP !!!", not filled by debris, as before. 4.2 - appendix of the discs through the Win API. First Steps with API. - Added work with physical disks through the Windows API - in Class Windows NT/2000/XP. Supported IDE, SATA, USB, FireWire, Flash, SCSI drives and virtual disks BestCrypt. It also supports CD, FDD, etc. "logical" (but still realized uncomfortable). SMART has been working only on IDE and SATA HDD; Through the API has been possible to test the system hard drive; - Fixed bug, which is displayed at double speed testing "BUTTERFLY"; - Fixed a bug that leads to abnormal termination of program SMART disk with a damaged table; - Fixed bug leading to abnormal termination when adjusting for AAM some systems; 4.1 - Removal of the main drawbacks. - Fixed a bug that resulted in viable program for Italian version of Windows; - Changed the type of tax, to be compatible with the format in other countries (especially distinguished Albania and Honduras - their time is written in a terrible, as such 2:00:09 PD); also had to edit and format INI-file; - Added identification of Windows Vista; - Fixed minor bugs in the code and interface; - Changed element to adjust the timeout in the scan surface, added the endless waiting, which is allowed to switch the power HDD test without stopping the scan; - The full version added PIO-32 copying of sectors in the file with a "long reading and pass the defects (for free until the disabled); 4.0 - Getting Started. The first version for Windows. Support for the work only through the ports.Top brahman Post subject: Re: Victoria for Windows English Help (Google Translated)Posted: July 25th, 2009, 14:18 Joined: December 24th, 2006, 16:57Posts: 8Here you can see the developers website in English: ... ry_state0=Here is a thread on this forum where somebody provided a link for a homegrown brief manual with screenshots in English: ... ry_state0=And here you can download the latest version in English (v.4.46beta): ... 0&limit=15I think it is a great program and I wanted to make it more accessible to people who cannot understand the Russian language.Hope this helps someone.Regards,BrahmanTop derp Post subject: Re: Victoria for Windows English Help (Google Translated)Posted: July 25th, 2009, 15:14 Joined: May 6th, 2009, 5:28Posts: 116Location: Somewhere near UKagreed - seriously knowledgable author A true PROTop Display posts from previous: All posts1 day7 days2 weeks1 month3 months6 months1 year Sort by AuthorPost timeSubject AscendingDescending Page 1 of 1 [ 4 posts ] Main Forums home Software and hardware tools 153554b96e


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