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Pepperell (2016, p. 29) argues that the main difference in his World of Poverty: Human Rights, Development, and North-South Politics from Escobar's earlier work is the focus on interaction within the field of civil society. Relying heavily on a combination of political science, sociology, and anthropology, Pepperell argues that the field of civil society that Escobar draws attention to is not a single unitary concept, but is instead multiple, and that no single concept of civil society is the best way of explaining the relationships within this field. Instead he argues for a process-orientated approach, rather than a structural approach to understanding the interactions within civil society.

I still remember a conversation with a friend of mine when I first used the term DRR in an academic context. I recalled that we were discussing the pros and cons of using complexity science in the study of DRR and I posed the question to my friend, Why are we still using the discipline of economics when the studies are so complex My friend replied to me saying, Escobar, if you have studied complexity before you cannot think like that. You can see and you understand very clearly how complex these systems are, why would you want to compare it to the system that is most simple and therefore easier to understand In some sense, I tend to agree with my friend, so I am trying to find a way to bridge between economics and complexity.

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