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[S1E8] Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth


[S1E8] Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth

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Susan Hargrove returns home to find her daughter, Max, missing. She and her husband Neil ask her stepson Billy where she went, and Neil becomes violent when he dismisses them and decries Max as his sister, despite Susan's protests. He orders Billy to find her and leaves. Steve Harrington accidentally reveals to Max and Lucas Sinclair that Dustin Henderson kept d'Artagnan, leaving Lucas furious. As they argue over whether or not Lucas also broke the law of their group by telling Max the truth, Steve hears the screech of demogorgons and they all head towards the sound, identifying it as coming from the lab. Owens explains that someone needs to reboot the computer system to unlock the doors, and Bob Newby, the only one who knows BASIC, volunteers to go. Bob and Hopper take the ID and radio off a dead guard and Hopper gives him his gun, ordering him to come back to them if anything goes wrong. Bob tells him not to wait for him if he gets the doors open.

The group clears out the Byers' shed and covers the walls. Nancy thanks Steve for protecting the kids, while Dustin apologizes to Lucas for keeping Dart and Mike insists Max knowing the truth does not mean she is part of the group. They tie Will to a chair in the shed and shine bright lights in his face to obscure his vision, and Hopper wakes him up while Joyce, Jonathan and Mike watch. Max asks what happens if the Mind Flayer finds out where they are, and Lucas says it will be "judgement day." Will reacts violently when he wakes up and makes the lights flicker until Hopper restrains him into exhaustion. Now somewhat calm, Will listens as Joyce tells him the story of her hanging up a drawing he made on his eighth birthday at her workplace, Jonathan telling him about the day their father left when they built Castle Byers together in the rain, and Mike telling him about when they first met in kindergarten. Will still insists on being let go, but Hopper notices he is tapping morse code into the chair with his finger. They continue to regale Will with stories that are personal to them involving him, and the morse code is translated into "CLOSEGATE".

Pinned down by Moff Gideon's Stormtroopers, the Mandalorian, Cara, and Greef have to find a way out of their predicament.Tropes: 11th-Hour Superpower: Din is given a jetpack by the Armorer, which he puts to good use to bring down Moff Gideon's TIE fighter. Absurdly-Spacious Sewer: As per usual they are extensive, maze-like, clean, and a denizen of secret organisations that wish to avoid the authorities. Action Girl: The Armorer proves that she's a capable warrior by taking out five Stormtroopers single-handed while armed with a hammer and a pair of forging tongs. Affectionate Gesture to the Head: IG-11, Cara, and Greef all rub the Child's ears as they say goodbye to him. Afraid to Hold the Baby: Cara is reluctant to hold the Child since she doesn't "do the whole baby thing." Air Vent Escape: It's actually a sewer vent. However unlike other examples it's not easy to get through the grill, even when Cara tries to shoot her way through. Fortunately IG-11 has a cutting tool, though even he almost takes too long. Alas, Poor Yorick: Din cradles one of the pile of helmets he finds of his dead colleagues from the Covert. Alliterative Name: Din Djarin (although the second "D" is silent.) Anti-Climactic Unmasking: When the Mandalorian's face is finally revealed to the audience, the stoic bounty hunter is shown to be an ordinary human who looks as vulnerable and afraid as anyone else would be on the verge of death. In a more meta sense, the person under the helmet is, of course, Pedro Pascal, the well-known actor the audience already knew was playing the Mandalorian, shooting down previous spec


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