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Guitar Techniques February 2020

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Guitar Techniques February 2020

In concert Eric is a remarkable performer. His use of effects and percussive guitar techniques allow him to create interesting textures of guitar, that often sound like a several instruments being played at once. His jazz arrangements for solo guitar are unique and sophisticated yet down to earth. He was described by Free Time Magazine as one of the funkiest acoustic guitarists in Rochester, NY.

In 2014 Cenk made the first educational website for fretless guitar playing, , and started to teach the techniques of the Turkish way of playing fretless guitar. In 2014 Cenk also released his last record "KaraKutu," on which he played solo with all acoustic guitars (fretless and fretted).

There are few artists who have had the impact in their disciplines that guitarist Paco De Lucía had in flamenco. There is a before-and-after De Lucía in flamenco. He expanded the harmonic vocabulary and guitar techniques, incorporated instruments from outside the tradition, and had a curiosity that led him to collaborations with artists as disparate as jazz guitarist John McLaughlin and Brazilian pop star Djavan and also opened new vistas to flamenco artists.

NAMM 2020: (opens in new tab) Instant Satch has finally arrived! IK Multimedia has partnered with iconic guitarist Joe Satriani for its newest artist signature collection, AmpliTube Joe Satriani. It gives Mac, PC and iOS (iPhone and iPad) users instant access to classic and new amp and pedal tones created by Satch with IK. 1e1e36bf2d


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