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It's worth mentioning that not every network is vulnerable to this attack. Because this is an optional field added by some manufacturers, you should not expect universal success with this technique. Whether you can capture the PMKID depends on if the manufacturer of the access point did you the favor of including an element that includes it, and whether you can crack the captured PMKID depends on if the underlying password is contained in your brute-force password list. If either condition is not met, this attack will fail.

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Because these attacks rely on guessing the password the Wi-Fi network is using, there are two common sources of guesses; The first is users picking default or outrageously bad passwords, such as 12345678 or password. These will be easily cracked. The second source of password guesses comes from data breaches that reveal millions of real user passwords. Because many users will reuse passwords between different types of accounts, these lists tend to be very effective at cracking Wi-Fi networks.

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