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How To Buy Good Clothes

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Look for clothing that flatters your skin tone, especially tops. Personal stylist Catherine Joubert says: "Your skin tone, hair color, and eye color can all affect what colors look good on you, especially the colors you wear near your face. Look online for recommendations of colors that will work with your coloring. Then, when you're shopping, try to find clothes in those colors. It's a great way to help narrow your options when you're looking at clothes."

So not everyone lives close to a high-end store. In that case, go to thrift store and dig around for the real vintage clothes (pre-1970s). For the most part, true vintage items are built like tanks, and the differences between those and lower-quality clothes from today are unmistakable.

It can also be cheaper for internet retailers and fashion brands to dump or burn returned goods, rather than attempting to find another home for them. This not only means the greenhouse gas emissions produced in manufacturing the clothing are wasted, but further emissions are released as it rots or burns. The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that in 2017 10.2m tonnes of textiles ended up in landfills while another 2.9m tonnes were incinerated. In the UK an estimated 350,000 tonnes of clothes end up in landfill every year.

Buying less also means caring for clothes more. Websites like Love Your Clothes, set up by UK recycling charity WRAP, offer tips on repairing and extending the life of clothes, which can reduce the carbon footprint of the clothes.

One solution might be to simply ration the time you spend looking at clothes online, but perhaps a better approach is to find less wasteful ways of achieving the sense of reward that over-spenders are seeking. Mainstream consumers can scratch their itch for new clothes by buying from vintage and secondhand clothing shops.

Where clothing has been worn or damaged beyond repair, the most environmentally sound way of disposing them is to send them for recycling. Clothing recycling is still relatively new for many fabrics but increasingly cotton and polyester clothing can now be turned into new clothes or other items. Some major manufacturers have now started using recycled fabrics, but it is often hard for consumers to find places to take their old clothes.

Stay away from clothes that need to be dry cleaned or hand-washed or that are so unique that people will notice when you wear a piece repeatedly. When choosing where to spend your clothing budget, keep in mind any unique requirements of your job and life-style like super-comfortable quality shoes if you are on your feet all day or a high-quality jacket if you work or play outside regularly. If you are budget-conscious, invest in clothes strategic to your job and life-style and save the creative flair for accessory pieces that are usually less expensive individually and can be updated seasonally to stay current.

You might decide to allocate around 5% of your monthly income to spend on clothes, shoes, and accessories, but this is always going to differ per person and priorities. Sometimes a simple budget spreadsheet can help you here.

Strictly shop out-of-season sales. This means shopping for summer clothes during end-of-summer sales, winter clothes during end-of-winter sales, etc. Be sure to purchase items you will still love the following year. For example, avoid purchasing a neon pink faux fur coat over a classic trench coat.

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Paying attention to the care instructions is key to making clothing last. Buying a good detergent (wool wash for delicates) and using things like delicate bags will prevent your clothes from wearing out. A large amount of detergent can actuall


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