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IMPORTANT! Please note that our kits are engineered specifically for each vehicle. This also means that every model is different. Some kits include many parts (shifter lever, replacement carrier, selector rod) while other kits may only include as little as only a replacement lever with new bushings. Hence, there is a wide range of pricing on our kits. If you're curious about what your kit will include, feel free to contact us by email or by phone (201-783-8600)

One of the most satisfying upgrades you can make to your BMW is to its factory shifter mechanism. By reducing the shifter's throw, you can give your manual transmission BMW a sportier, more precise feel. However, with so many different "short shift kits" out there, how can you be sure you're making the right decision With the introduction of the Rogue Engineering OCTANE short shift kit, the choice is now crystal clear!

Rogue Engineering refuses to compromise with "lever substitution" as a method of short shift kit development. Rather than using actual test vehicles for their products, some companies actually dig through OEM factory parts diagrams to determine which factory levers can be substituted with others. This "lever substitution" method of introducing product is unacceptable for us. To find out more about this industry "shortcut", follow the links above.

Our shift kits have been developed and perfected through years of experience in proven short shifter technology, by our Co-Founder, Ben Liaw. As longtime BMW enthusiasts know, Ben was single-handedly responsible for introducing and developing the idea of affordable, BMW factory-like, short shift kits for late model BMWs (BL/SS for those young enough to remember!). By employing his original, proven concepts and incorporating specific improvements developed over the years (along with advanced manufacturing processes) we are pleased to introduce a short shift kit to call entirely our own.

The Shifter LeverThe Rogue Engineering OCTANE short shifter represents years of experience and research in BMW short shifting products. With feedback from thousands of users and the measuring of countless prototypes, OCTANE is the culmination of a tremendous amount of research and development. This R&D is a continual process and does not stop.

Rogue Engineering idea of a short shift kit is not substituting levers in place of factory ones just because "they fit". Throughout the 80s until recently, BMW was notorious for using only a few specific shifter levers for their manual transmission vehicles. For other companies, making just a few "replacement levers" and offering them in place of those factory part numbers was an easy way of calling it a short shift kit. Unfortunately, for those companies, BMW started using many different part numbers making it more difficult to just "swap in a lever".

Rogue Engineering only develops it's short shift kit with test vehicles in their facility, testing numerous prototypes, offering others to test it before settling on it's final design. We feel that this old school, real world testing is the best way when modifying OEM ergonomic, sensory-based controls.

The OCTANE Weighted Selector Rod (WSR)Rogue Engineering is proud to introduce the most technologically advanced short shift kits available for BMWs. At Rogue, we realize that simply shortening the shift lever or moving the pivot point will not produce optimal shift feel. The smooth action that sets the OCTANE short shift kit apart from the others comes from our unique Weighted Selector Rod.

With the RE Weighted Selector Rod, you can enjoy the benefits of a short shifter while improving smoothness and virtually eliminating the gearbox notchiness and gear whine that is associated with some manufacturers kits.

How Does it WorkTo fully understand and appreciate the beauty and benefit of the RE Weighted Selector Rod, we must first revisit the mechanics of a short shift kit. When a short shift kit is installed, the throw reductio


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