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How to Prepare for the MRCOG Part 2 Exam

The MRCOG Part 2 exam is a challenging and comprehensive assessment of the knowledge and skills required for obstetrics and gynaecology specialty training. It consists of two components: a written exam and an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). The written exam tests the application of knowledge in clinical scenarios, while the OSCE tests the practical skills, communication and professionalism of the candidates.

To pass the MRCOG Part 2 exam, candidates need to prepare well in advance and use a variety of resources and strategies. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the MRCOG Part 2 exam:

Review the syllabus and curriculum. The MRCOG Part 2 exam is based on the core curriculum for obstetrics and gynaecology, which covers 14 modules. Candidates should familiarise themselves with the learning outcomes, competencies and assessment methods for each module. The syllabus for the written exam and the OSCE can be found on the RCOG website[^2^].

Practice with past papers and sample questions. The RCOG provides past papers and sample questions for both the written exam and the OSCE on its website[^2^]. Candidates should practice answering these questions under timed conditions and check their answers against the model answers or marking schemes. This will help them identify their strengths and weaknesses, improve their time management and familiarise themselves with the format and style of the questions.

Use revision books and online resources. There are many books and online resources available for MRCOG Part 2 preparation, such as ESSENTIAL REVISION NOTES for Part 2 MRCOG.pdf, which is a comprehensive guide covering all the modules of the curriculum[^1^]. Candidates should use these resources to supplement their knowledge, revise key topics and test themselves with mock exams and quizzes.

Attend revision courses and workshops. The RCOG offers official revision courses and workshops for MRCOG Part 2 candidates, which are designed by experienced examiners to cover the full syllabus[^1^]. These courses and workshops provide lectures, interactive sessions, feedback and mock exams to help candidates prepare for both the written exam and the OSCE. Candidates can also find other courses and workshops offered by local or international organisations.

Join a study group or a mentorship programme. Studying with peers or mentors can be beneficial for MRCOG Part 2 preparation, as it allows candidates to share ideas, discuss difficult topics, learn from each other's experiences and motivate each other. Candidates can join a study group with other candidates in their area or online, or enrol in a mentorship programme offered by some organisations.

The MRCOG Part 2 exam is a demanding but rewarding milestone in obstetrics and gynaecology training. By following these tips, candidates can increase their chances of passing the exam and advancing their careers. 248dff8e21


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