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Hyundai Kia Pin Code Software

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Previously we use Scanner to read codes, but then the scanner will not work with newer model cars that have sensors. Also it was necessary to test each code after reading the code, then we will find out if there are left over codes left over from previous years.

The v2 is a professionally tested and tuned software, designed to get those codes out, and deliver it to you in a few clicks. We combined the codes and search directly from codes, and get rid of duplicates. We then combine the codes and get you only the codes. We organize the codes for easy viewing and reading.

Now we have the new version of our program, which includes all the keys and transponders you can see on the website, and a lot of advanced features, which makes our programming software the best tool in the industry. We provide all the features of all the programs you see on the site, and even more.

Press on the "confirmation" tab to continue with the configuration process. Depending on the vehicles model, two main options will be available for you: Full Key or PIN Programming. In this section, you can configure the functionality you would like to use. Note that if you want to learn the PIN code from the key, the PIN code must be previously given by the dealer or NSTF. In this case, the PIN code can be programmed by using the "PIN by VIN" option.The PIN by VIN option will be discussed in the next section.

Following that, press on the "DST80 Programming" tab. Here you can select either the transmission or the engine options. If the transmission is manual (no DST80), there will not be an option for engine programming. If the transmission is not manual, you can use the "PIN by VIN" option. If the transmission is a automatic, please select the "Engine Tuning" mode instead of the "PIN by VIN" option. In this mode you can program the engine. The engine options include: Engine Tuning, DST80 Tuning, Super Tuning, WDP Tuning and Code Plus Tuning. 3d9ccd7d82


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