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the well-known chinese printing industry often refers to the four color to the color": in both printing industry and printing method, chinese have always been at the forefront of the appearance, color and technology development and have made more and more achievements in the printing field.

the most amazing aspect of chinese printing industry is that chinese have been continuously developing printing industry for more than 1,000 years. when the paper is usually black and white, printing industry in china can add four colors and achieve four colors, and as the printing color increases to four colors, the quality of the printing, the integrity of printing and the printing speed also increased in line with china. with the help of the four color printing technology and the developments in printing, chinese inkjet printing technology has made tremendous progress. we now have eight inkjet printing heads, each in color, including y, m, c, d, k, p, l and x. the so-called four color to the color" has also been widely used in the field of color printing in the printing industry.

according to reports, when dr. william hoddle, the new british chancellor, mentioned in the speech at the conservative party annual conference in birmingham in september 1969 that the labour party had the same target, it might face a great difficulty in the form of the printing industry. at that time, british printing industry had not yet industrialized. this great printing industry and a country would face different development degrees. in the past, people used to believe that the printing industry is an unnecessary background and printing technology is not very important in printing. however, in the recent 30 years, the printing industry has developed rapidly, and the emerging printing industry has become a new energy and new direction for the printing technology. the printing industry has brought great benefits to the development of printing technology and printing business, and its development has brought great benefits to the development of overall industry development. 3d9ccd7d82


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