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Nate Cross
Nate Cross

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i feel like i need to talk about this one before i can discuss the rest of the series. i think the reason for this is that i dont feel like the rest of the books really fit well with the earlier books. i know that they are set in the same universe, and i know that pike has been in space before, but its a different kind of space and it's a different kind of universe. there are references to some stuff in the spooksville books, but its a more distant connection than, say, the mentions of the king james bible that pike makes in his post on the spooksville books. pike has already shown that he can write really good sci-fi, but if he wanted to write a series that started with a space travel setting, he could have written something very different from the spooksville books. maybe he should have. maybe this is why its called a spin-off, not a sequel. maybe we should have just called it spooksville and left it at that.

i know this one is already on the shelves and all the reviews are out, but its still worth talking about. this is probably the most grown-up of the bunch. pike has been in space before, and has done some really awesome stuff, but this time he goes all the way.

but this is a pike story, where at the end of the day, theres no one else but pike. and thats the thing about him. he doesn't so much want to be a hero; he wants to be the hero. he wants to save the damsel in distress, and he wants to win the girl. and he wants to do it the way pike does it. in other words, hes not going to accept any pat answers. this is the one book where i had to put it down, and come back to, because i just had to know what happened. i was itching to get back to mark, because i wasnt sure what was going to happen to him. he kind of took on an identity of his own. its probably not that different from how pike would deal with a situation, but this is the first time ive felt this much like him. 3d9ccd7d82


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