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windows hello uses two recognition algorithms for facial authentication. one is called facial biometric service and the other one is facial recognition service. the facial biometric service is used when the user first sets up windows hello, and the facial recognition service is used for later authentication. the information is sent to the authentication service on your network. the authentication service checks the validity of the information it received. if the user is valid, the authentication will be successful.

the vulnerabilities comes in to play when a windows hello users authenticates with a facial recognition biometric system. using this vulnerability, an attacker with physical access to a device can capture images of a user, manipulate them, and then plug in a custom-made usb device that contains the manipulated images to the system for authentication.

the spoofed data is then inserted to the usb device to authenticate with the biometric system and the process proceeds as usual. windows hello will verify the data that was spoofed, and the authentication request will be directed to the proper user.

implementations of windows hello have not been impacted by this issue, as the system does not perform the facial recognition process on live video, and therefore cannot be attacked by this method. the live video is sent to the device and a separate process is performed on the image data itself. this vulnerability only impacts authentication with the facial recognition system, as the spoofed data is stored separately from the live video stream. 3d9ccd7d82


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