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Crash Bandicoot 1 2 3 Ps1 Pc Free Download WORK



Game Description: Crash Bandicoot is back! This fast-paced platform game includes a variety of Crash's amazing moves with his mind-controlled quadruped called the Dingodile. Dive into the jungle on three new worlds and battle your average enemy with weird-looking weapons like the Penguin Gun, Saurian Arm, and even a gator! Kids will love the altogether hilarious adventures Crash experiences as he breaks into the Delta Dimension, a contemporary urban landscape, the pirate-infested Treasure Trove Islands, and the mystical Tatung Jungle Temple. Crash will even have to ride the TeeVee T-Rex and navigate the treacherous Ninja Nui. The more than 100 levels are available in original, 1-player-2-player, 3-player, 4-player, or online multiplayer for marathons!

-Intense and fast-paced platforming action!-Thrilling jungle adventure packed with action!-Intense and fast-paced platforming action!-Watch out for Dingodile's awesome new powers!-Keep Crash near at hand to take flight when he's needed. If you lose contact with him, you may find yourself strapped to a cross in a blood-soaked jungle!-Intense jungle adventure packed with action!-Watch out for the Ninjas and the Gemini Parasol-Command Dingodile to get you out of tricky situations.-Follow the ancient, Carpet Swinging Art of the whipper-snappers, the Bokon, to the hilltop temple where the Sacred Bond of Battle is sealed.

-The highly-anticipated sequel to the game that won countless Game of the Year awards!-Intense and fast-paced platforming action!-Get into Crash's world with a variety of brand new characters.-Follow Crash around the jungle with Crash Bandicoot.

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