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Leo Schamroth An Introduction To Electrocardiography Pdf 21


Once, for this creation and so many others, Instituto do Coração (InCor) received one of the greatest electrocardiography authorities in the world, South African Leo Schamroth,5,6 to give a lecture. Escorted by Dr. Charles Mady to the seminar room, Mr. Schamroth met Macruz at the door. When introduced to Macruz, Mr. Schamroth asked if he was the Macruz index one. Mr. Mady replied yes, then hurried to open his book and show the page by commenting on the said index. They both became friends. Macruz did not need any great technologies to show his genius.

He was so knowledgeable that everyone would looking for him to get help with management difficulties. He would then start his medical visits, always with a lot of interested people, as his discussions at the bedside were anthological and highly sought-after. He diagnosed complex cardiopathies at the bedside, with physical examination, simple radiology and electrocardiography, merely based on clinical reasoning. He was one of the very few doctors who were not afraid of exposing their thoughts in a clinical discussion, when people would often find it nonsense and, later, would bow to a shining light. 1e1e36bf2d


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