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Same here… And I always get the message when I select “Run” on Haunchy’s screen: “This program has not been registered…” But I can run my program without any problem using alternative program. Who can help me please to activate my game? Is there a possibility that the game store cheated me? Thanks!

Haunchy: Yes. Just use alternative activation tools/programs. Same message? You may check the signature of Haunchy program. If it’s okay, I suggest you to contact other users who have bought the game first. Good luck!

I have already emailed them, it said that they will solve this issue and sent me another activation code… I tried it and it says that the activation code is valid but when I try to download the product from steam it isn’t detected or another error message pops up. I have tried every code availible on G2A and also tried to contact them about the issue, nothing. Where can I find more information about this game? d2c66b5586


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