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Antenna Theory Analysis And Design, 3rd Edition By Balanis.pdf

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It is important to underline that the aim of this work is not introducing any novelty in antennas and circuits design, but to use the existing EM theory and technologies to propose an innovative application able to improve the quality of life of athletes affected by visual diseases.

Finally, in order to feed each single patch element, a corporate-feed network has been used together with a quarter wavelength configuration because it allows simply changing the network impedance, varying the width of the microstrip line. In particular, the impedance matching network has been designed so as to offer good matching at 50 Ω, that is the characteristic impedance of the SMA connector at the input of the microstrip antenna. To this end, the lengths of the feeding lines have been initially set to λ/4 (where λ is the wavelength relative to resonance frequency), then an optimization process has been carried out starting from the values obtained from theory (Equations (1) and (2)) and the final configuration is depicted in Figure 9.

This paper contributes with the following: it offers a more comprehensive, sufficiently argued, and verifiable report on our experience with the design, optimization, fabrication, and measurement of and IRMA using Pyralux as a microstrip antenna substrate, both by full-wave simulations and measurements on fabricated models. Second, sizing of the inset gap width was found to be quite tricky at the combination of this frequency band and this ultra-thin a substrate, which makes it relevant to report on. 1e1e36bf2d


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