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William Hendriksen Commentary Pdf Free UPDATED

William Hendriksen Commentary Pdf Free >>>

William Hendriksen Commentary Pdf Free UPDATED

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How to Download William Hendriksen's Commentaries on the New Testament for Free

William Hendriksen (1900-1982) was a Dutch-American theologian and biblical scholar who wrote a series of commentaries on the New Testament books. His commentaries are known for their clear exposition, faithful interpretation, and practical application of the biblical text. He also translated the New Testament from Greek into English and provided his own translation in his commentaries.

If you are interested in reading Hendriksen's commentaries, you may be wondering how to get them for free. Fortunately, there are some online sources that offer free access to his works in PDF format. Here are some of them:

Exposition of the Gospel according to John: This is a two-volume commentary on the Gospel of John that covers all the chapters and verses of the book. It was originally published in 1953 and later issued as a single volume with the titles The Gospel of John and A Commentary on the Gospel of John. You can download it from the Internet Archive website.

New Testament commentary: exposition of Galatians [and] exposition of Ephesians: This is a combination volume that contains Hendriksen's commentaries on Galatians and Ephesians. It was originally published in separate volumes in 1968 and 1967 respectively, and then combined in 1979. You can also download it from the Internet Archive website.

William Hendriksen Open Library: This is a webpage that lists some of Hendriksen's other commentaries that are available for free online. You can find commentaries on Romans, Thessalonians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, Timothy, Titus, Hebrews, James, Peter, John, Jude, and Revelation. You can borrow them from Open Library or download them from other websites linked on the page.

These are some of the ways you can download William Hendriksen's commentaries on the New Testament for free. We hope you find them helpful and edifying as you study God's word.Here are a few more paragraphs for the article:

William Hendriksen's commentaries are not only useful for personal study, but also for teaching and preaching. They are written in a clear and concise style that makes them easy to follow and understand. They also contain helpful illustrations, applications, and cross-references that enrich the exposition of the text. Hendriksen's commentaries are suitable for both beginners and advanced students of the Bible.

One of the distinctive features of Hendriksen's commentaries is his use of his own translation of the New Testament from Greek into English. He did this to avoid the limitations and biases of existing translations and to provide a more accurate and faithful rendering of the original text. He also explained his translation choices and compared them with other versions in footnotes and appendices. His translation is not intended to replace other translations, but to supplement them and to offer a fresh perspective on the meaning of the text.

Another distinctive feature of Hendriksen's commentaries is his adherence to the Reformed tradition of biblical interpretation. He followed the principles of grammatical-historical exegesis and sought to understand the text in its historical and literary context. He also recognized the unity and diversity of the biblical revelation and traced the development of God's redemptive plan throughout the New Testament books. He affirmed the inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of Scripture and sought to apply its teachings to the contemporary situation of the church and the world. 9160f4acd4


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