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Hindi To English Mumbai Cutting


Hindi To English Mumbai Cutting

cutting chai recipe mumbai cutting tea recipe how to make cutting chai with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a flavoured mixed spiced tea beverage prepared by boiling black tea, spices and full cream milk. it is typically served as a refreshment during during morning with breakfast or with snacks in evening.

traditionally, chai was served in 2 steel cups which has been replaced by glass cups. these steel cups were placed one over the other and the chai was split in these 2 cups and were enjoyed by 2 people. perhaps, this act of sharing the chai gave its name as cutting chai. moreover, local street vendors of mumbais saw this as opportunity and started to serve half cup of chai in a reduced price. in addition, there is another theory which says cutting chai got its name because of the strong flavour it has to offer in a small quantity. 1e1e36bf2d


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