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Law Cause Effect Daniele Prandel


Law Cause Effect Daniele Prandel

According to Lenard, the Nazis' atomic programme was an empty, but harmless, bluff. In his view, even with the help of the Fuhrer's scientific advisor, Siegfried Wagner, the German physicists produced no real secrets. If they were pursuing a weapons programme, it was simply because this was the way the Nazis wanted to spend their money. The rest was window dressing to terrify and placate their enemies. Lenard saw no significant threat from Nazi science, and certainly no need to respond militarily.

"All the more shameful because the head of the anti-Einstein league was Franz Lenard. Lenard, who had a distinguished career as a lecturer, was not a first-rate physicist, but did have a gift for propaganda. The fact that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1919 for his discovery of the Stark effect was another factor which worked in favour of his hero-worship of Einstein. After the Anschluss, Lenard became the leader of the league which he founded for the purpose of combating Hitler's science. The goals of this league consisted largely of lying about the character of Einstein, and particularly concerning his politics. The league was renamed the Scientific Front, and was centralised under Lenard's leadership.

Nonetheless, fundamental physics, or at least the physics in which the laws of nature are experimentally testable, is independent of whether we wish to measure such things or not. In this sense, such questions as What causes the ether to move and What force is responsible for the nuclear forces are merely philosophical questions, and they are not of much interest to fundamental physics. Thus, for example, its of no great significance that AdS is described by the so-called anti-de-Sitter space, and that quantum gravity is a topic for quantum field theorists. The mathematical properties of AdS are extremely interesting, but it will not cause us to re-examine our deepest physics. Similarly, the fact that in the real world the forces of gravity and of electromagnetism are mixed together and can both be felt is not fundamentally important. It is the mathematical properties of gravity and electromagnetism that are important. 3d9ccd7d82


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